Important information for NEEN Members

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Important information for NEEN Members

Thank you for being part of our NEEN community! As you may know, Catholic Earthcare Australia and partners have been leading the National Energy Efficiency Network (NEEN) since July 2013, with the aim of forming a national network to support community organisations and faith-based not-for-profits to cut energy consumption.

The NEEN project has set up learning communities across Australia, holding collaborative workshops in over 50 locations and providing online resources and ongoingmember support. The Commonwealth Department of Industry and Science funded the setup of NEEN under its Energy Efficiency Information Grants (EEIG) Program. This funding was for a fixed two-year period, and is due to conclude on the 30th of June 2015.

Although the official government funded section of the project will end at this time, NEEN will continue to be led and supported by Catholic Earthcare Australia and partners. Catholic Earthcare is excited to continue the journey of energy efficiency with you, as we will continue to open up the NEEN program to individuals and other organisations, including schools and larger facilities. We will also offer a new range of opportunities, over time, for members of the NEEN Network, such as access to renewable energy and other sustainability initiatives.

All the NEEN online tools and resources (including NEEN fact sheets, NEEN case studies, the learning community forum and the NEEN opportunity calculator) will continue to be available at the NEEN website. The website will continue to act as a focal point for sharing the collective lessons learnt along the way on this journey to do more with less.

We encourage you to continue to share resources and ideas. Please raise any questions you may have about the future within the NEEN learning community forum, as this will enable ongoing peer-to-peer collaboration and further identification of smart solutions.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact  us on (02) 8907 9503.

We hope that you have enjoyed being part of the first phase of the NEEN Network, and we look forward to further collaboration with you.

Jacqui Rémond, Director, Catholic Earthcare Australia & Gareth Johnston, National Leader, NEEN



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