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CatholicCare Social Services Parramatta (CCSS) is an excellent example of how positive energy efficiency results can be achieved through technological change (particularly efficient lighting) and community engagement.  

CatholicCare have a long standing relationship with Catholic Earthcare Australia, the environmental agency behind the NEEN project. They have been involved with Earthcare’s ASSISI program since 2009, and when the NEEN project begin they were invited to join as one of the first Pilot Sites. The initial site visit and energy audit took place in December 2013, and since then a close and ongoing dialogue about sustainability has developed  between CatholicCare and NEEN.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities at a Glance

  • Projected Savings Top 5 Opportunities –  $3,000 per year
  • Estimated Investment Top 5 Opportunities – $12,000 per year 
  • Projected Savings All Opportunities - $7,500 per year per year
  • Estimated Investment All Opportunities – $6,000

CatholicCare are working towards implementing the findings of this audit as they continue on their energy efficiency journey.

CatholicCare Case Study (pdf)
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