Footscray exterior

Footscray Community Arts Centre is a former Council owned manufacturing property, which was renovated to become a contemporary arts organisation. The Centre plays an important role in the local community, while also working with the wider regional and international arts sector.

This particular case study illustrates how energy efficiency in a community organisation can be achieved by exploring a variety of different opportunities, including solar leasing, group energy purchasing and server virtualisation. It also highlights the challenges of implementing energy saving initiatives in a site that contains both old and new buildings.


Opportunities at a glance

  • Projected Savings Top 5 Opportunities - $4,500 per year
  • Estimated Investment Top 5 Opportunities - $10,300 per year
  • Projected Savings All Opportunities - $11,000 per year

Footscray Community Arts Centre are working towards implementing the findings of this audit as they continue on their energy efficiency journey. 

Case Study: Footscray Community Arts Centre (pdf)
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