Generations Church

Generations Church is located in Cairns and was built in the mid 1990’s with funding and donations from the congregation.

An energy audit was conducted by NEEN and Energetics at the site in January 2014, and since then the Church has made real progress towards reaching their energy efficiency targets. They have realised that implementing solutions that work well in a tropical climate – such as as reflective white roof paint – will offer the best opportunities to cut energy consumption.

The Generations Church case study also illustrates how persistence can be very important when implementing energy efficiency opportunities, especially when there are delays and changes in staff. Often projects can take longer than initially planned, so patience and an ongoing commitment to the project is very important.

Opportunities at a glance

  • Projected Savings Top 5 Opportunities - $1,430 per year
  • Estimated Investment Top 5 Opportunities - $2,550 
  • Projected Savings All Opportunities - $2,740 per year
  • Estimated Investment All Opportunities - $19,900

Generations Church is working towards implementing these opportunities as they continue on their energy efficiency journey. 

Case Study: Generations Church (pdf)
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