The Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre in Brisbane works with the community to alleviate social isolation, and deliver and support social welfare programs. The Centre has a number of buildings, include a main building, four support houses, three temporary accommodation units, a kiln house, thriftshop and office.

An energy audit was conducted by NEEN and Energetics at the site in January 2014, allowing better insight into the Centre’s current state of energy consumption and behavior. Since this audit, the Centre has been very proactive in implementing their Top 5 energy savings opportunities ahead of time. They are also making  progress towards completing the other energy efficiency opportunities identified in the audit.

Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre is a excellent example of how major energy efficiency goals can be achieved by encouraging behaviour change and exploring options around energy purchasing, lighting and solar. They also very clearly illustrate how grants and funding can assist in providing capital to support major energy efficiency projects, such as the instillation of Solar PV.

Opportunities at a glance

  • Projected Savings Top 5 Opportunities - $3,480 per year
  • Estimated Investment Top 5 Opportunities - $1,320 + $7,600 (which will be funded)
  • Projected Savings All Opportunities - $3,730 per year
  • Estimated Investment All Opportunities- $10,620

Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre has implemented many of the findings of this audit, and will continue to explore opportunities to increase energy efficiency. 

Case Study: Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre (pdf)
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