Uniting Church Camping

Uniting Church Camping (UCC) provides group accommodation and programs to schools, churches and community groups. Their site at Halls Gap in Victoria has been one of our NEEN pilot sites since February 2014.

An energy audit conducted at the site by NEEN and Energetics identified a number of opportunities for UCC to cut energy consumption, particularly in relation to lighting.  This case study illustrates how energy saving initiatives focused on a specific area (in this case lighting), can can be a very effective way to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Opportunities at a glance

  • Projected Savings Top 5 Opportunities: $8,253 per year
  • Estimated Investment Top 5 Opportunities: $47,100
  • Projected Savings All Opportunities: $9,403 per year
  • Estimated Investment All Opportunities: $48,100

Uniting Church Camping are working towards implementing the findings of this audit as they continue on their energy efficiency journey.

Case Study: Uniting Church Camping (pdf)
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